Candles made simple.

Our mission.

We want to provide high quality, natural candles for every home and business in Austin, and beyond.

Why go natural?

We’re bombarded on all sides by unpleasant aromas every day. Pollution. Car exhaust. Burnt toast. It’s time we give our senses a break, right? The thing is, most candles on the market use paraffin wax (a by-product of oil processing) and harsh chemical fragrances. Yuck! We believe amazing scents shouldn’t be harsh on your nose nor your wallet. That’s why we created Gojema. So you can enjoy natural scents without all the junk.

Using Gojema candles means you can breathe easy.

What makes us different?

  • We use 100% American-grown, renewable soy wax and cotton-core wicks.

  • All of our scents are infused with natural essential oils and are free of toxins and phthalates.

  • We pour and package every candle by hand here in Austin, TX.

  • We reduce our environmental impact by using 100% recyclable containers and minimal packaging.