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Gojema is a small, family-owned company based in Austin, TX born out of a desire to create candles that are completely natural, free of chemicals, and smell amazing. Every one of our candles is poured by hand in small batches, using raw beeswax and essential oils.

Our beeswax comes from local Austin beekeepers who treat bees ethically and sell the wax raw and unrefined. Then, we blend that wax with luxurious coconut and apricot waxes, softening the mixture for an even, clean burn and then finally add 100% pure undiluted essential oils for a gorgeous scent that doubles as personal aromatherapy. The result is a candle like no other, which you can feel good about lighting. Free of synthetic fragrances oils, soy, or paraffin. 

We are also committed to reducing our environmental impact by using 100% recycled/recyclable containers and minimal packaging.

We truly appreciate each and every customer we have. Thank you for choosing Gojema and we hope you love our candles.



Jean Paul Pretto, Founder