A Scent Journey

Tabac Leaf + Ginger: A scent journey to THe spice islands of the Caribbean

Our purpose

At Gojema we hand-pour high quality, unisex candles and scented products that everyone can enjoy. Each of our scents are inspired by unique cultures and people around the world, allowing you to travel through the power of fragrance.

What are phthalates?

Put simply, phthalates, or phthalate esters, are often added to plastics to give them better elasticity and performance. Diethyl phthalate is commonly added to fragrance to help it project stronger. While there is conflicting evidence if phthalates pose any health risks, we air on the safe side and leave them out of our products. Our scents project and perform just as well without them, and you can breath easy knowing your home is clean and safe.

What makes us different?

- We only use 100% American-grown, renewable soy wax and cotton-core wicks.
- All of our scents are infused with natural essential oils and are phthalate-free.
- We pour and package every candle by hand here in Austin, TX.
- We reduce our environmental impact by using 100% recyclable containers and minimal packaging.