A Scent Journey

Hi, I'm JP.

Nice to meet you. I’m Jean Paul, but you can call me JP. I think we’re on a nickname basis now. I’m the creator and owner of Gojema, and I’m over the moon that you discovered our small but ever-growing Austin, Texas brand.

I started Gojema in 2018, mixing waxes and essential oils in my kitchen like a mad scientist. A full-time graphic designer by day, I spent my nights on a quest to make the perfect, clean-burning candle. A strong scent, but not overwhelming. A smooth burn, but no soot. After years of refining my nose and craft, I managed to curate this line of candles that you all enjoy today. Best of all, we use commonly recycled jars, bottles, and packaging, making them good for the planet and your wallet.

Gone are the days of candle hoarding, nauseatingly artificial scents, and black soot. Time to make Gojema your daily burn.

Thank you for your support. It really means the world. 🖤

Warmest Regards,
Jean Paul Pretto, Founder